We believe that data is the most valuable asset of the 21st century and that it should be protected accordingly. This is our value proposition.

What we believe

The security and privacy of digital assets are constantly under threat from hackers, competitors, disasters such as earthquakes and even governmental surveillance. With our digital safes, our aim is to help safeguard our customers’ most valued data, such as: critical passwords; precious images; vital business documents; and private records, leaving customers free to choose with whom they wish to share this information.

Fair data handling

Various protection mechanisms have been directly implemented in the architecture of the applications. In this way, users can rest assured that personal data will be protected at all times.

We respect customers’ rights to their own data. Hence, our business model is not based on pushing adverts to customers, nor is any customer data ever sold to third parties.

Audits and assessments

An analysis of system susceptibility by leading security experts ensures our system integrity. DSwiss safe architecture and implementation has been and will be assessed in detail by experts appointed by DSwiss, in addition to experts appointed by our most important clients. Penetration testing, source code review and conceptional analysis are core activities in these assessments. Furthermore DSwiss tests its infrastructure, system setup and the source code, both manually and automatically, on a regular basis.

Zero Knowledge

All information stored at DSwiss is encrypted using a multi-level crypto architecture. Our applications are designed in such a way that not even our own employees will ever be able to access login data and personal documents.

Best geographical conditions

We store all data in Switzerland, which is known for its political and economic stability, solid legal system and outstanding privacy protection. The data is protected through disaster recovery management, with triple application mirroring across two data centers.

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