DSwiss and Karakun give an insight into the semantic full text search


Author: DSwiss

As part of the “SwissText and KONVENS 2020” conference, Tobias Christen (DSwiss), Holger Keibel (Karakun) and Elisabeth Maier (Karakun) presented the jointly developed semantic full-text search for encrypted environments in a presentation entitled “Language analytics and semantic search for unknown document varieties”. Hear for yourself what the key players had to say about the challenges in analyzing and indexing documents and their accomplishments in this regard, as well as what the two companies are working on to better meet the individual needs of users.

What is the semantic full-text search in the DSwiss eSafe?

Since the data stored in DSwiss eSafes is protected by both document specific and user specific encryption, searching the safe is a major challenge. A solution was therefore developed with the help of Karakun. The result is Smart Find: a new, easy, multilingual, semantic full-text search that customers can now use to directly search the content of their encrypted documents. Additional added value was created: A content analysis is performed on each document in regards to personal names, locations, organizations and other relevant terms in the search index. In addition, the document type is automatically determined with recognition of invoices, contracts, instructions for use, CVs, etc. All this makes finding content easier, more complete, more accurate and more efficient.

Information about the SwissText and KONVENS conferences

SwissText was launched in 2016 by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and brings together text analysis experts from business and research fields. The KONVENS has been held regularly since 1992 and deals with all areas of natural language processing. This year the two conferences were held together for the first time. The main aim of the event was to bring together practitioners and researchers based in Switzerland to provide an overview of existing solutions and applications in the field of text analysis and natural language processing, as well as come up with ideas for new and innovative projects.

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