Digital postboxes are an exciting way for financial service providers to transmit bank documents without using any paper.

Clients enjoy data sovereignty

Unlike classic e-banking solutions, the documents actually leave the bank's access area. The documents are delivered in a digital postbox that can only be managed and viewed by the client. This also means banks can no longer change documents once they’ve been sent. A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice also confirmed the validity of this digital solution.

Digital postbox of DSwiss

Legal validity guaranteed

In January 2017, the European Court of Justice clarified how digital mailboxes must be used in banking. This essentially implies the use of highly secure, digital mailboxes, which are usually connected to e-banking systems. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) defines the requirements as follows:


An electronic mailbox fulfills the requirements whereby it must be placed on a durable medium, provided it is guaranteed that the information personally addressed to the payment service user can be stored in such a way that he/she can subsequently view it for a reasonable period and that it can be reproduced without any changes.

European Court of Justice (ECJ), January 2017

The advantages of our digital postboxes for banks and financial institutions

Secure sending of financial documents+

The digital postbox is a valuable tool that facilitates communication between the external financial service provider and users.

Using SecureDelivery, external financial service providers such as banks are able to send a large number of files to their clients' digital postboxes. With SecureDelivery, the access and administration rights for the recipient are individually defined. For example, it might make sense to ensure users cannot move or delete certain files from the digital postbox.

Once the files have been sent, the service provider no longer has access to them, much like a physical postbox.

Client interaction+

Thanks to our broad service portfolio, we create countless interactions between your clients and your services.

Paperless saves money+

The digital delivery of bank documents is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of keeping costs down.

Data protection compliance+

The European Court of Justice states: “Any possibility of unilateral changes to its content by the payment service provider or by an administrator entrusted with the administration of the website must be excluded."

We help banks and financial service providers meet the legal requirements of the strictest data protection legislation.

Privacy protection+

Protecting the privacy of your clients’ data is the primary benefit on which our pledge is hinged. We therefore pursue a strict zero-knowledge policy. This ensures that even DSwiss will never be able to access your clients' login information.

High security through encryption+

DSwiss encrypts all of your clients' data using highly secure and globally recognized procedures. Using PBKDF # 2 (RFC 2898), the necessary keys are calculated directly from your clients’ passwords, thus offering improved protection of your clients' digital postboxes against intruders.

Cryptographic standards

AES-256 and RSA-2048 are the cryptographic standards used. When sending, the data is encrypted twice via HTTPS and AES-256. As such, the data is still protected even if the HTTPS protection is attacked, for example in so-called man-in-the-middle attacks in internet cafés or airports.

Transparent crypto architecture

A multi-level crypto architecture encrypts all information stored in your clients’ digital postboxes. Our approach has been disclosed in a scientific article and externally checked several times.

Data protection in Switzerland+

The documents and files are stored in two certified data centers in Switzerland that meet the strict requirements of FINMA.

Disaster recovery management means all your clients' documents are mirrored three times and stored in two data centers.

DSwiss operates its own server infrastructure in both data centers, managed by its own system engineers in accordance with the security requirements of NIST BSI, with around the clock monitoring every day.

Benefits of using digital postboxes for your clients

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty

Access to the digital postbox is granted exclusively to clients of the bank or financial institution. All received financial documents can no longer be changed by the sender.

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications

Your clients will be readily informed whenever new bank documents are sent to their digital postbox. The frequency of notifications ranges from immediately to daily, weekly, monthly and never.

Single sign-on

Single sign-on

Thanks to one-time authentication when logging in to your online banking system, your client can access the digital postbox without having to log in again.

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