For insurance companies

Make your insurance processes CO2-neutral while exchanging insurance documents securely, efficiently, and in a structured manner.

Delivery of insurance documents

The electronic delivery of insurance documents helps reduce your CO2 footprint.

The delivery benefits from end-to-end encryption and meets the highest data protection standards.

Claims follow-up

With SecureExchange, USB sticks and non-secure emails are a thing of the past when concluding a policy for personal insurance.

Request salary records, medical reports, and social security certificates both quickly and electronically.

Claims reporting

Offer your customers a simple and customized website for reporting a claim.

Photos, receipts, and other documents are uploaded in a structured manner, giving you more time to evaluate the claim report.

Cyber insurance

Expand your cyber insurance with our highly secure password manager for private individuals and companies.

The online accounts of customers are protected with strong passwords, thereby reducing the number of unauthorized logins.

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