Receive confidential customer documents quickly, reliably, and securely while providing transparency to both parties.

How do you receive your client documents?

Clients expect innovative and streamlined file delivery solutions from banks and financial companies, just like they are used to receiving from leading platform providers such as Uber or AirBnB. But often, digital processes are not yet fully integrated. Documents can only be transferred to client advisors using certain channels (e.g., email, traditional post, branch visits), thus making the entire process unnecessarily long and redundant.

Product demonstration of SecureReceive

Scalable system for receiving client documents with SecureReceive

SecureReceive is a secure exchange platform between your clients and respective client advisors. All documentation necessary to prepare a quote can be effortlessly uploaded here.

Secure transfer of a large number of documents

Secure transfer of a large number of documents

SecureReceive allows you to send and receive a large number of files or files requiring a lot of storage. Clients upload all documents to SecureReceive, which can then be accessed by your client advisors directly from the application. Both parties can always see which documents are still needed. The progress bar shows the current status of the process.

Low bounce rate thanks to an improved customer experience

Low bounce rate thanks to an improved customer experience

SecureReceive reduces the bounce rate in the initiation of offers and contracts. SecureReceive is the central platform for interaction between your clients and client advisors, offering a valid substitute for emails, traditional mail, and trips to the branch. With SecureReceive, client onboarding works via desktop PC, tablet and smartphone.

Legally compliant onboarding

Legally compliant onboarding

SecureReceive supports banks and financial companies in implementing strict legal and regulatory requirements, such as data protection (DSGVO or GDPR) or customer identification (KYC, GWG).

How SecureReceive works

Step 1:

Customer Service receives a customer request and quickly and easily opens a customized, secure document upload page.

Step 2:

The client uploads the requested documentation to this page.

Step 3:

The customer service receives a notification and accesses the documents in a central, secure data repository.

SecureReceive meets the highest standards


Compatibility with your system landscape

With the DSwiss Enterprise API, SecureReceive can be integrated into your system landscape. The DSwiss Enterprise API is based on the REST standard. For maximum security we use mTLS, which also excludes man-in-the-middle attacks. For client interactions, the transmitted data is additionally encoded with a session-dependent key.

Compatibility with DSwiss digital safes and mailboxes

Has SecureReceive won you over and you’d like to offer DSwiss eSafes or digital mailboxes to your clients? Or perhaps you already use DSwiss products and would also like to enjoy the advantages of SecureReceive? SecureReceive fits seamlessly into the DSwiss product landscape and can be used either as a stand-alone product or in combination with other DSwiss solutions.


DSwiss encrypts all customer service data, and all client data, with highly secure and globally recognized procedures.

Using PBKDF#2 (RFC 2898) ), the necessary keys are calculated directly from the passwords used and protect the platform against intruders.

Cryptographic standards

The cryptographic standards used are AES-256 and RSA-2048. When data is sent, it is encrypted twice using HTTPS and AES-256. If the HTTPS protection is attacked, the data remains protected, for example in so-called man-in-the-middle attacks in Internet cafés or airports.

Transparent crypto architecture

A multi-level crypto architecture encrypts all information stored in SecureReceive. DSwiss has disclosed its approach in a scientific paper and had it externally audited several times.


Leading security experts ensure system integrity by analyzing and verifying system vulnerability. DSwiss and its clients regularly employ experts to audit the DSwiss Safe architecture and its implementation. Auditing includes source code inspection, penetration testing and conceptual analysis. In addition, DSwiss AG continuously improves its infrastructure, system setup and source code – both manually and automatically.

High availability of data+

Data is protected by disaster recovery management, with data storage mirrored three times and in two data centers.

All data stays in Switzerland+

DSwiss stores and processes all data in Switzerland, which is known for its political and economic stability, its solid legal system and outstanding privacy protection.

DSwiss operates its own server infrastructure with its own system engineers in two certified data centers, which also meet the requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. One of the data centers is located in a former military bunker in the Swiss mountains.

Data protection+

DSwiss implements various protection procedures directly in the architecture of its applications. The protection of your clients' personal data is therefore guaranteed at all times.

Zero Knowledge

All stored information is encrypted at DSwiss using a multi-level crypto architecture. Our applications are designed in such a way that even our own employees can never access login data and personal documents.

DSGVO compliance supported

SecureReceive makes it easier for banks to comply with the strict DSGVO (GDPR) guidelines. Clients' personal documents can be stored centrally in one place with SecureReceive and easily deleted when necessary.

White label solution+

We place SecureReceive in the guise of your corporate design. Brand name, logos and corporate colors are integrated into the user interface.

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