Deliver documents digitally with Postbox

Do away with paper and reduce your C02 footprint.

Simple and practical

Digital mailboxes are the perfect solution for companies looking to transmit electronic documents (in accordance with data protection regulations) and to grant customers full control over their data.

Same evidentiary value as paper documents

When a document is transmitted electronically, it is no longer controlled by the bank or insurance company and becomes the property of the customer. These digital documents are stored permanently. As a result, our digital mailboxes meet the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Business documents, invoices, confirmations of assets, endorsements, product information, and much more: Companies are required to send countless documents to their customers every year. Switch to paperless document transmission and make a valuable contribution to the environment.

The digital solution for mailing documents

Automatic notifications

Your customers are promptly notified when they receive new documents from you in their digital mailbox.

Sign documents digitally

Thanks to legally binding digital signatures, you provide your customers with the option of digitizing the entire contractual process.

View and comment on PDFs in the mailbox

With the PDF viewer, your customers get a comprehensive tool for viewing, commenting, and annotating PDFs directly in their mailboxes.

Secure delivery to external parties

With "SecureSend," your customers can securely transfer large and confidential files from their mailboxes to third parties – such as their spouse or tax advisor.

These companies play it safe

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