VZ Depotbank expands its digital services with DSwiss


Author: DSwiss

With the VZ Finanzportal, VZ Depotbank boasts one of the most innovative all-in-one solutions for payment transactions via e-banking, insurance policy management or the secure filing of wills. DSwiss is pleased to expand the VZ services with e-safes and digital mailboxes and to create an even broader offer for VZ Depotbank clients

In the VZ Finanzportal, clients can manage and monitor all their finances, investments, mortgages, insurance policies and pension assets. They now also have a digital safe deposit box at their disposal: the VZ Safe. The VZ Safe is suitable for storing wills, marriage contracts, tax documents, purchase contracts, receipts, passwords or personal photos.

All data is encrypted and stored on servers in Switzerland according to the highest banking standards. Thanks to single sign-on integration, clients can switch from the VZ Finanzportal to the VZ Safe at any time and place, and thus access their documents on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

A leap into the future

The VZ Safe is an important step in digitization implemented at the interface with clients – in other words, where savers and investors interact with VZ Depotbank. This makes contact and communication faster and more practical, while also making an important contribution to the environment, because everything is paperless.

In the next project phase, it will also be possible for VZ advisors to exchange documents via VZ Safe. This will ensure even the most complex banking transactions are processed more efficiently and with the highest security standards.

Fig I: VZ Safe includes a file and password manager as well as a digital mailbox for the delivery of bank documents by VZ Depotbank.

The 3 main functions of the VZ Safe at a glance

1. Password manager for logins

Being able to manage all passwords in a single place is one thing above all: incredibly convenient. In addition to the secure storage of login information, the password manager in the VZ Safe also offers a password generator and password checker that alerts clients to weak or repeatedly used passwords

2. File manager for storing and managing documents

Moreover, VZ Safe includes a file manager in which important documents such as contracts, insurance papers and other records are secured multiple times. For easy management, Smart Find will soon be available, a powerful search function that will allow VZ clients to easily search the encrypted documents. Each document will undergo a content analysis regarding names, places, organizations and other relevant terms in the search index. This makes finding content easier, more complete, more accurate and more efficient.

3. Digital mailbox for the delivery of bank documents

The VZ Safe also includes a digital mailbox to which all bank documents such as account statements or quarterly reports can be delivered digitally and in respect of the environment. Unlike with e-banking, the documents in the VZ Safe leave the bank's access area, meaning the documents can be stored for unlimited periods, as confirmed in a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice.

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