BlueCare and DSwiss to Revolutionise Communication between Doctors and Patients


Author: DSwiss

October 24, 2019: Together, the two IT businesses BlueCare and DSwiss launch the “Medical Safe”– an online storage solution for medical documents. Thanks to the Medical Safe, doctors can deliver medical records to their patients in a multiply encrypted digital form.

Due to the access rights spelled out by data protection laws, all persons have the right to request their own medical records in written, from the doctor’s practice where they are registered. DSwiss and BlueCare have used these legal requirements as an opportunity to simplify communication between doctors and patients and to promote digitalisation in health services.

Relief for Doctors, Transparency for Patients

The Medical Safe enables inhabitants of Switzerland to receive medical documents from their doctors in a simple and secure way that conforms to data protection laws. All documents fall into the ownership of the patient and can only be stored and shared with his / her consent. Thanks to the wide range of BlueCare (BlueConnect) and DSwiss (SecureSafe) users, over 1,000 doctors and several hundred thousand patients in Switzerland are already able to use the Medical Safe from its launch. In this way, Medical Safe sets a new benchmark in the delivery of medical documents in terms of security as well as user friendliness.

Simple Delivery via the Practice’s Software

To deliver medical documents, the general practitioners need the communication platform BlueConnect. BlueConnect can be implemented as an expansion for all popular practice software programs, and enables paperless data exchange with treatment partners, and simple cooperation within the doctor’s practice. Now, the documents can be sent to patients too. For this to happen, the patients just need a free SecureSafe account in which the doctors’ reports can be filed.

Maximum Security for Patients’ Details

As the subject of data protection and security represents a significant component in the filing of sensitive patient files, SecureSafe is an ideal tool for long-term storage of health data. The secure cloud storage solution has more than a million users, meets strict bank security standards, protects users’ private spheres and enables the forwarding of important documents in emergencies – ideal requirements for storing patients’ details.

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