DSwiss launches a world innovation – the intelligent search function for encrypted data.


Author: DSwiss

The Swiss FinTech company DSwiss expands its digital vaults with a new, comfortable search function for encrypted data.

Today, Google is the chief search engine for unencrypted data. The Swiss IT firm DSwiss now delivers the equivalent for encrypted data – the “semantic full-text search”. Users can therefore directly search the contents of their documents in encrypted surroundings. After many years of development work, the search function has now been registered for a patent and from 2018 will be implemented in the cloud storage service “SecureSafe”, in the “Biella SimplyFind” archive service, and in digital vaults of several banks

The search function guarantees the protection of the user’s privacy

The search guarantees at all times the highest protection of privacy, because every individual document and also the search index are themselves encrypted. In addition, the IT firm Canoo Engineering AG from Basel extended the search to multilingual semantic functions and improved text extraction from different document formats. The system performs, among other things, a contents analysis of every document and includes personal names, places, organisations and other important terms in the search index. The document type (invoice, contract, operating instructions, CV etc.) is also determined. The information gained in this way is used as an efficient filter for search results, so that the user can access the required documents in just a few clicks. That is more convenient, more natural and quicker for the user.

Functional overview of semantic full-text search

  • Find it more easily: Automatic completion of queries and spelling correction with incorrect input
  • More comprehensive findings: Alongside many file formats the search also considers scanned PDF documents and recognizes search items independently from declension and conjugation. In addition the search also includes synonyms.
  • More precise findings: text analysis recognises and considers the language of the documents. In addition, the user can filter their search by language
  • More efficient findings: the search function includes a preview of results, a document viewer and comprehensive interactive search filters such as document type, and recognises person names, places, organisations etc.

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