Meet DSwiss at EFMA’s Banking Transformation Congress 2017

Come meet us at the 45th EFMA Congress: Banking Transformation, October 26 – 27 in Rome. We will be ready to greet you at stand 8. As part of the official program, our CEO, Tobias Christen will present the digital vault as an innovative way to strengthen customer retention at 4.30 pm, Thursday October 26.

Personal Digital Vaults for Banking Clients

A digital vault is the safest, simplest way for banking clients to safe-keep their important passwords and files. Through one-step document scanning, the client easily uploads files such as a passport copy, health record or insurance policy to his vault. Intuitive search functionality enables him to find the document he needs at any given time. Moreover, the unique data inheritance feature enables him to safely pass on chosen files and password to loved ones or business partners should he pass away unexpectedly. Thanks to the built-in password manager, clients make use of their vault on a daily basis to keep track of their ever-growing list of passwords and PINs. Banks such as UBS already successfully introduced a white-label version of the digital safe solution.

Digital Mailboxes for Delivering Bank Documents

Digital mailboxes are an exciting opportunity for financial service providers to transmit bank documents in a paperless fashion. They can be directly integrated into the digital vault of a client. By delivering all bank documents to a client’s personal mailbox, financial organizations will automatically have placed the document in the client’s ownership, avoiding any issues related to data privacy acts such as GDPR. Furthermore, the paperless procedure of digital document delivery, allows banks to save costs and protect the environment.

Collaboration Platforms for Advisors and Clients

Digital collaboration platforms allow financial organizations or their clients to open shared folders and to specify with whom they want to exchange certain vital documents. This highly secure exchange option comes in handy when clients are in the process of obtaining a loan or getting investment advice. Furthermore, the bank can make forms available to clients, which allow them to move forward with wealth management related tasks, such as initiating transactions. Our digital collaboration platforms hence significantly increase the options the client is presented with when it comes to interacting with his bank online.

For more information, come meet us at stand 8 at EFMA’s Banking Transformation Congress or contact us here.