DSwiss expands digital safes with workflow module for customer consultants


Author: DSwiss

The Swiss Fintech company DSwiss is expanding its range of services for financial service providers: in future, it will be possible to equip the digital safes with an additional module for encoded communication between customer consultants and customers.

DSwiss provides digital safes to many banks and insurance companies. On the one hand, the e-safes allow the bank customers to save personal files and passwords in a banking-compliant environment. On the other, the banks use the e-safes to send bank documents to their customers digitally. In future, in addition to the storage and sending of documents, digital means of interaction will, in particular, become more and more important for the handling of bank transactions. This is why, in future, DSwiss will be equipping the digital safes with the workflow module “SecureInteract”.

The workflow module for fast and safe cooperation

SecureInteract is a secure communication platform that facilitates the exchanging of documents between customer consultants and customers, and accelerates work processes. As well as the optimisation of processes, SecureInteract is geared towards meeting the highest standards of data security. If, for example, a customer would like to apply for credit, the customer consultant can first request the necessary documents via SecureInteract, and then send the contract directly via the communication platform for the customer to sign. The customer examines the documents in the application, signs them digitally and returns them with a few mouse clicks. In addition to this, one can comment upon the documents, view the current status, or issue tasks.

During the exchange, the documents never leave the encoded environment, guaranteeing that maximum security requirements are met at all times. As well as the advantages in security and speed, SecureInteract is also an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of saving on costs.

Product presentation at Finovate in London

Visitors got their first insight into the new customer consultant module, at the trade show Finovate, in March 2018 in London. DSwiss is currently collaborating with various banks on the further elaboration of the product

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