How digital vaults create improved customer retention


Want your customers to stay with your bank? Then give them a good reason to do so. Why not extend your digital offer to include an easy and very safe way for your clients to manage their ever-growing list of passwords and personal files?

You can even deliver bank statements and other banking related documents directly to the digital vault and save the cost of sending a paper version. Once a customer has gathered all of her insurance files, tax documents and bank statements with you, how likely is she to leave?

What exactly do banks offer with a digital vault?

DSwiss is the creator of highly secure digital vaults, which several dozen banks and insurance companies already offer directly to their end-clients. With a digital vault, your client keeps all of her personal files and passwords in one safe place, easily share these with chosen individuals such as her asset manager and access them via any browser, smart phone or tablet whenever she needs to. Below an example of a digital vault.

Image 1: Your client can access her files and password with any browser and device.

Image 2: Your client has a personal file safe and can create several shared folders.

We constantly develop the core offer
of the digital vault

DSwiss AG works with a series of banks and financial service providers including UBS, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Quirin Bank, but also with industry leaders within the field of digital archiving such as Biella SimplyFind. Through these collaborations, we strive to constantly develop the digital vault offer. Here is one example of new functionality that is soon to come in the white-labelled DSwiss technology-based UBS Safe:

Step 1: Your client wants to find a document in her digital vault but has no idea in which folder it might be.

Step 2: The client searches for the term "Insurance" in her vault. All of the documents, which include this term are shown immediately. The client can now filter the search results according to year, company etc.

Step 3: Within seconds, the client has identified the right document amongst thousands of files.

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