The personal digital safe is the safest and easiest way for bank clients to protect their digital assets in the long term.

How to secure long-term client retention

Fulfill your clients' desire for better security by offering digital safes for important documents such as passport copies, contracts or financial papers. The integrated password manager also ensures passwords and PIN codes are reliably protected against misuse.

Become a digital asset custodian with eSafes

For centuries, banks have been the protectors of physical assets. Digitization has since created the unique opportunity to take on a new role, that of protecting digital assets such as data. The high profile and security mechanisms of financial service providers place them in a favorable position thanks to their efficient business model, which stands out from many other companies particularly in terms of privacy protection.

Definition: Digital Safe

The digital safe, also known as an eVault, eSafe or digital safe deposit box, is a specially protected IT infrastructure that banks, insurance companies, or other financial enterprises make available to their clients via the Internet. Insofar as the digital equivalent of a physical bank safe deposit box, the eSafe is a repository for digital assets, in particular personal files and documents, but also other data requiring protection, such as passwords.

The advantages of our eSafe technology for banks

Client retention+

Managing digital assets (data) will encourage long-term client retention.

Client interaction+

Thanks to our broad service portfolio, we create countless interactions between your clients and your services.


Our services optimize processes, reduce costs and contribute to protecting the environment thanks to their paperless form.

Data protection compliance+

Protecting the privacy of your clients’ data is the primary benefit on which our pledge is hinged. We therefore pursue a strict zero-knowledge policy. This ensures that even DSwiss will never be able to access your clients' login information.

Data protection in Switzerland+

The documents and files are stored in two certified data centers in Switzerland that meet the strict requirements of FINMA.

Disaster recovery management means all your clients' documents are mirrored three times and stored in two data centers.

DSwiss operates its own server infrastructure in both data centers, managed by its own system engineers in accordance with the security requirements of NIST BSI, with around the clock monitoring every day.

Leading security experts regularly check for any vulnerabilities, thus guaranteeing the integrity of our system.

High security through encryption+

DSwiss encrypts all of your clients' data using highly secure and globally recognized procedures. Using PBKDF # 2 (RFC 2898), the necessary keys are calculated directly from your clients’ passwords, thus offering improved protection of your clients' digital mailboxes against intruders.

Cryptographic standards

AES-256 and RSA-2048 are the cryptographic standards used. When sending, the data is encrypted twice via HTTPS and AES-256. As such, the data is still protected even if the HTTPS protection is attacked, for example in so-called man-in-the-middle attacks in internet cafés or airports.

Transparent crypto architecture

A multi-level crypto architecture encrypts all information stored in your clients’ digital mailboxes. Our approach has been disclosed in a scientific article and externally checked several times.

What your clients get

Highly secure file manager

Highly secure file manager

Your clients expect the highest security standards. With our eSafes, your clients' data is protected in multiple ways using internationally recognized encryption methods, triple data protection and strong user authentication.

Password manager with strong passwords

Password manager with strong passwords

Our password generator suggests strong passwords to your clients or indicates whether the chosen password is secure enough. Together with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), DSwiss has developed a process to generate extremely strong passwords.

Comment on PDF documents

Comment on PDF documents

Comments or signatures can be added to PDFs. In addition, a handy PDF preview function is available, making it possible to quickly and easily scan large PDF files.

Send large files with SecureSend

Send large files with SecureSend

With the SecureSend function, your clients can send encrypted files up to 2 GB to recipients of their choice. No user account is required to download the file.

Mobile document scanner

Mobile document scanner

Thanks to our document scanner, users can scan documents with their smartphone cameras and save them directly in the digital safe as PDF files. The scanner also has various additional functions.

Data inheritance

Data inheritance

With the help of digital inheritance, your clients decide who should have access to important information such as PINs and passwords in an emergency. This gives surviving dependents the possibility to delete profiles from social networks or deactivate other accounts.

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