Various modules are available for secure collaboration between consultants and clients, which speed up and simplify work processes.

Secure receipt of client documents

DSwiss provides your client advisors with a secure exchange platform using which they can securely receive their clients' documents, for example a PDF mortgage application file.

Complete digitization of the sales process with digital signature

Extend the digital exchange platform to include the electronic signature function. For example, if a client wishes to request an offer, it can be submitted directly on the exchange platform by their advisor and presented to the client for signature. The client checks the documents directly in the application, digitally signs and sends the forms back with just a few clicks. The contract documents never leave the encrypted environment, which means the highest security standards are guaranteed at all times.

Artificial intelligence for an improved client experience

Various Smart Services support clients in preparing and searching for documents. With the semantic full-text search, the contents of the documents themselves are also analyzed and, for example, stored in smart folders that group documents under specific topics such as mortgages. The artificial intelligence also assists the client when searching for specific documents. In a ready-made environment for uploading mortgage application documents, the intelligence can then suggest files that match the requests of the bank advisors. For example, the artificial intelligence recognizes résumés, bank statements, tax returns, etc.

The advantages of our digital mailboxes for banks and financial institutions

Client interaction+

Thanks to our broad service portfolio, we create countless interactions between your clients and your services.

Client retention+

Managing digital assets (data) will encourage long-term client retention.


Our services optimize processes, reduce costs and contribute to protecting the environment thanks to their paperless form.

Data protection compliance+

Protecting the privacy of your clients’ data is the primary benefit on which our pledge is hinged. We therefore pursue a strict zero-knowledge policy. This ensures that even DSwiss will never be able to access your clients' login information.


As a specialized Fintech company, we help our clients to launch new products quickly and professionally

High security through encryption+

DSwiss encrypts all of your clients' data using highly secure and globally recognized procedures. Using PBKDF # 2 (RFC 2898), the necessary keys are calculated directly from your clients’ passwords, thus offering improved protection of your clients' digital mailboxes against intruders.

Cryptographic standards

AES-256 and RSA-2048 are the cryptographic standards used. When sending, the data is encrypted twice via HTTPS and AES-256. As such, the data is still protected even if the HTTPS protection is attacked, for example in so-called man-in-the-middle attacks in internet cafés or airports.

Transparent crypto architecture

A multi-level crypto architecture encrypts all information stored in your clients’ digital mailboxes. Our approach has been disclosed in a scientific article and externally checked several times.

Other services for financial companies

eSafes for bank clients

Digital mailboxes

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