For banks

Simplify complex banking transactions, send your customer documents electronically, and protect your customers' passwords – 100% paperless and encrypted.

Send bank documents electronically

By sending bank documents electronically, you will no longer need to send them by mail.

These digital documents are stored permanently. As a result, our mailboxes meet the requirements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ).


With SecureExchange, all the relevant documents for document-based banking transactions (such as mortgage applications) can be requested from customers both simply and conveniently.

Unlike regular email traffic, SecureExchange also allows for large files to be sent and received securely, and simplifies the processes for everyone involved.

Password manager

Make your online offer ironclad with our password manager for private and corporate customers.

Strengthen your product portfolio, increase customer loyalty via daily interactions about products, and acquire new groups of customers.

File manager

The file manager is ideal as an extension of your offering for SMEs.

Users save all files in a central location and work from anywhere via a web, mobile or desktop app.

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