We are a forerunner in privacy and data protection

DSwiss AG was founded in 2008 in Zurich and currently employs 50 specialists from various professional disciplines. We offer digital safes, mailboxes for bank document delivery and secure exchange platforms for financial advisors and customers. Our customer insight combined with unique GDPR compliant privacy protection will help speed up the time-to-market for novel, digital services that strengthen client retention, reduce costs and create new touchpoints with your clients.


Tobias Christen
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Tschannen
Chief Operating Officer

John Schriber
Chief Product Officer

Board of Directors

Walter Hürsch
Chairman of the Board

Lukas von Känel
Board Member

Roland Zeller
Board Member

Milan Bartik
Board Member


DSwiss is a trusted and leading provider of services that protect privacy and guarantee maximum data security for both individuals and companies.


We keep promises and get things done.

Our strategies are long-term and quality oriented.

We protect privacy and always act with security awareness in mind.


DSwiss services (B2B2C) focus on selected vertical markets such as the finance sector and also include digital transformation solutions.

Trust and reliability is gained through its open communication and transparent operating methods.

DSwiss is a pioneer in privacy protection.


The end user is in control and receives transparent information on how their data and privacy is protected.

DSwiss products exceed legal requirements and combine best user experience with best privacy protection.

Our Team

Stefan Myankov

Adrian Etter

Denise Hochstrasser

Stephan Büttler

Andreas Jacob

Michael Bolliger

Massimo Marino

Alex Trefzer

Christoph Wolf

Fabio Schiavoni

Davide Vosti

Pascal Weller

Ben Felder

Simone Arnheiter

Martin Zingg

Eros Taborelli

Fabio Germann

Maciej Kwiatkowski

Julian Stemmer

Gema Santiago

Chiara Steffen

Kurt Glatzfelder

Katherina Keller

Urs Baumgartner

Bruno Schäffer

Urban Kronenberg

Alex Mansurov

Jerome Schmalfuss

Valerio Corso

Nils Legermann

Ralf Kübler

Vladislav Girlea

Damir Durut

Pascal Gubler

Michael Soller

Rastislav Bertusek

Privacy manifesto

We have embedded privacy directly into the design and architecture of our digital safes. As a result, we can ensure that the personal data stay protected at all times.

What we believe
We believe that data is the most valuable asset of the 21st century and that it should be protected accordingly. The security and privacy of digital assets are constantly under threat from hackers, competitors, disasters such as earthquakes and even governmental surveillance. With our digital safes, our aim is to help safeguard our customers’ most valued data, such as: critical passwords; precious images; vital business documents; and private records, leaving customers free to choose with whom they wish to share this information.

Fair data handling
We respect customers’ rights to their own data. Hence, our business model is not based on pushing adverts to customers, nor is any customer data ever sold to third parties.

Audits and assessments
An analysis of system susceptibility by leading security experts ensures our system integrity. DSwiss safe architecture and implementation has been and will be assessed in detail by experts appointed by DSwiss, in addition to experts appointed by our most important clients. Penetration testing, source code review and conceptional analysis are core activities in these assessments. Furthermore DSwiss tests its infrastructure, system setup and the source code, both manually and automatically, on a regular basis.