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DSwiss AG is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital services. We offer digital safes, mailboxes for bank document delivery and secure exchange platforms for financial advisors and customers: secure, reliable and fully GDPR compliant.

DSwiss meets the highest security standards for cloud solutions and boasts an impressive client portfolio: numerous banks, insurance companies and security service providers such as UniCredit, die Mobiliar or Zurich Kantonalbank have chosen DSwiss IT services to satisfy their high-level security requirements.

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Digital safes for banking customers

The digital safe is the safest and simplest way for bank customers to protect their important documents in the long run. The integrated password manager also offers reliable protection for passwords and important login data or PIN codes, preventing their fraudulent use.

The digital safes have many additional functions, such as document scanners, file sharing, password checkers, smart search functions for encrypted data and a data inheritance function, which allows the creation of inheritance plans for documents and passwords.

Digital mailboxes for delivering bank documents

Digital mailboxes are a useful option that can be used by financial service providers for the paperless transfer of bank documents. The digital solution is supported by a judgment of the European Court of Justice (EuGH).

Customers have control over their data
Unlike conventional online banking solutions, the documents leave the bank’s access area. The documents are delivered in a digital mailbox that only the customer can manage and view. This also means that the banks cannot make any subsequent changes to the sent documents. The European Court of Justice states in this regard:

“All possibility of unilateral changes to the contents by the payment service provider or an administrator charged with administration of the website must be excluded.”

Cost reduction by paperless delivery
In addition to the statutory advantages, digital mailboxes enable straight-through processing without any media disruption, thus helping to reduce costs. Such paperless workflows are also very environmentally friendly.

Digital exchange platforms for financial advisors and customers

A number of modules are available for simple cooperation between advisors and customers. These accelerate and simplify the work processes. This includes personalized forms for the efficient exchange of information, single sign-on for direct access to different platforms, the creation of to-do lists, encrypted communication paths or activity protocols.

Improved search and guaranteed privacy
With a view toward enhancing document management, DSwiss has expanded its offer to include a new and convenient search function for encrypted data, called semantic full-text search. Users can directly search the contents of their documents in an encrypted environment. The search guarantees maximum privacy protection at all times because each document, as well as the search index itself, is encrypted. The system runs a content analysis of each document including personal names, places, organizations and other terms in the search index. The document type (invoice, contract, operating instructions, CV, etc) is also defined.

The resulting information is used as a filter for the search results, thus allowing the user to access the requested documents with just a few simple clicks.

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 Added value for your company

Data privacy compliance

We support banks to meet the statutory requirements of the strictest data privacy laws.

Customer loyalty

Through the administration of digital assets (data), you can bind customers to your company in the long term.

Customer interaction

Thanks to our broad range of services, we create new interactions between your customers and your services.


Our services optimize processes, lower costs and contribute to protecting the environment thanks to their paperless form.


As a specialized fintech company, we help our clients to achieve market leadership with their new products fast and professionally.

High security

We protect data with certified security mechanisms integrated into our software.

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