Digital vaults for financial service providers and insurance companies

DSwiss AG is a worldwide leading provider of highly secure digital services. Our flagship services are so-called digital vaults for personal documents and passwords, technology for digital document delivery and secure file sharing for asset managers and bank clients alike.

DSwiss meets the highest security standards for cloud solutions and boasts an impressive client portfolio: numerous banks, insurance companies and security service providers such as UniCredit, die Mobiliar or Zurich Kantonalbank have chosen DSwiss IT services to satisfy their high-level security requirements.

Individual solutions

We integrate digital vaults into existing systems as a “white label solution”, adapting vaults to suit specific client needs and wishes or developing suitable interfaces, for example for e-banking or e-doc delivery systems. Our team has many years of experience in the implementation of complex IT projects and will be at your side from the planning phase through to implementation, as well as during any further developments to your chosen solution.

Various models are available to choose from, each with a vast selection of software features. We manage our own server infrastructure in highly secure distinct data centers. Clients can therefore decide whether to have their digital vaults managed by our system engineers on our own servers in Switzerland (SaaS), or alternatively opt for a model whereby all equipment is installed onsite at a location of their choice (company premises).

Maximum security

All managed data is protected using highly secure mechanisms directly integrated into our software. This includes strong user authentication at login, multiple encryption layers and zero knowledge architecture to ensure maximum privacy protection.

Amongst others, we also offer the following security features:

  • Cryptographic authentication system
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Complete encryption with AES-256 and RSA-2048
  • SSL / TLS and AES-256 protected data transfer
  • Triple redundant data storage

Added value for your company

  • Added services closely linked to your core business
  • Client retention due to the long-term nature of data storage
  • Compatibility with mobile and online strategies
  • Cost reduction due to paperless procedures
  • Strong branding through white label products

Advantages for your clients 

  • Personal online vaults for files and passwords
  • Paperless backup of important data
  • Only clients have access to their own vaults
  • Easy access using existing accounts (e.g. an e-banking account)
  • Mobile access to data using Android and iOS devices

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